Why Evolve, baby back health, and more!

Why Evolve, baby back health, and more!

When it comes to regulations on a variety of industries, in many cases, the European market is the leader. In the categories of beauty, health, food, and more, European standards are strict, and boast of high standards. In fact, a lot of the foods and beauty products used on a regular basis in the United States are illegal in the EU.

So, what does this have to do with Ergobaby? Well to start, we’re a global company! Our Ergo family spans the entire globe with stores and markets in the Americas, Europe, UK, Australia, and Asia! That means our products need to meet the standards of our global audience. And as with food and beauty products, our global markets have extremely high standards for the baby products they support and for a good reason!

AGR, a German organization, is the gold standard for back health certifications. And right now, Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer is the only bouncer on the market that’s AGR certified.


According to AGR certifications, a bouncer must provide:

How does Ergobaby’s bouncer compare to other leading brands?

Evolve Bouncer Infant Insert

Our infant insert was designed with guidance from Pediatric Orthopedist, Dr. Robert Cho. Dr. Cho is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Chief of Staff of Shriners For Children Medical Center Pasadena, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at UCLA. During his residency, he rotated at Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia where he developed his passion for treating children with neuromuscular and orthopedic disorders. He is fully integrated into the mission of providing world class orthopedic care to children from all walks of life throughout the Southwestern United States and internationally. Dr. Cho became the Chief of Staff of Shriners Hospitals For Children Los Angeles and helped to orchestrate its move to its new home at Shriners For Children Medical Center Pasadena. Dr. Cho has presented papers, posters, and presentations all over the United States as well as internationally including in Switzerland, France, Mexico, Japan, and China. He is also involved in healthcare advocacy–he was an invited member to the National Orthopedic Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. to discuss the state of healthcare and orthopedic surgery with the United States Congress.

In this blog, Dr. Cho shares his thoughts as a doctor and a dad on the importance of bouncer safety.


As a parent who used a competitor’s bouncer for both of my girls, I can confidently say that knowing what I know now, it wasn’t ideal. While most brands will boast that “no infant insert is needed”, it really is better to have one.

You may notice when parents of infants use their bouncers, they end up adding blankets or support so that their little one doesn’t slip down, or to add more comfort, which is actually an unsafe practice. The infant insert makes it unnecessary to add more things to the bouncer space and supports your little ones from head to hip with a gentle cradle so they are securely in place with head support (helping to avoid flat head), neck support (while their muscles aren’t developed yet), back support with a gentle curve, and hip support with the healthy “m” seat.