Safe and happy babywearing!

Safe and happy babywearing!

The growing popularity of babywearing gives parents an amazing tool to meet their child's need to be close to them while keeping up with a busy life.

Very young babies feel most secure when in their parents’ arms. A toddler can be kept safe from traffic and when navigating a COVID world and receive  reassurance.

Babywearing safety begins with choosing the right carrier. There are many choices in modern baby carriers, to fit every budget and style. Make sure the carrier you choose is appropriate for the age of your baby. Consultation with an educator or babywearing group, such as Brooke Maree Babywearing for advice.

Shop at authorsied retailers to ensure that your carrier is authentic and follows current safety guidelines. Check your carrier periodically to make sure all seams and fasteners are intact and working properly. All our Ergobaby baby carriers are coverd under ErgoPromise our 10 year guarentee! 

When trying a new carrier or a new carrying technique, make sure you and baby are well-rested, and baby is fed and content. Having a mirror handy will allow you to check your progress from all angles. Make sure buckle clips or knots are secure. Check for C-Shape of the spine and that hips are in the M-Position. 

We have lots of useful video demonstrations on our YouTube channel here

Many babywearers are faced with the question “Is that thing safe?” at some point in their babywearing journey. The resounding answer is YES! with just a few simple guidelines. Finding the right carrier for the age and stage of the baby, keeping baby close, and monitoring frequently will set the stage for a mutually beneficial wearing relationship between caregiver and little one, and will enable you to experience the convenience, comfort, and joy of babywearing for years to come!