Plus size babywearing with Ergo

By:Tammy Bolton

Plus size babywearing with Ergo

One of the most amazing things about babywearing is that it is truly for every baby and every body type. Many factors effect fitment it's not just about height or size, it’s about body shapethe age and size of the child being worn, and what activities you’re doing while wearing the carrier.

The waistbelt on our carriers reach up to 132cm to 139cm allowing for more caregivers to carry their baby and find a safe and comfortable baby carrier for plus-sized and petite mums! 

Most our carriers feature crossable straps which means no reaching behind you to clip the chest strap. Simply throw one strap over your shoulder, bring it across your back and to the front where it clips on the side of the carrier, and you can tighten easily by pulling the end of the webbing back. For many the crossable straps are one of the easiest ways to pop baby in the carrier quickly, without having to keep the straps loose and reach behind him.

If you have questions about any of our baby carriers, please don’t hesitate to make contact with our customer care team

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