My ongoing love affair with Ergobaby Carriers…

My ongoing love affair with Ergobaby Carriers…

To be clear – I was a big fan of my Ergobaby carrier 8 years ago when I had my first son. I used it daily for over a year as it was one of the only places he would reliably nap.

Ergobaby + Baby #1

My second son was born during an extremely cold winter, so I embraced babywearing again as I thought that was the easiest way to keep him warm, but I upgraded to the (then) new 360 carrier when he was 4 months after using a wrap for the first 3 months… again I used the carrier for well over a year.

Ergobaby + Baby #2 

I used a wrap for the newborn stage with my 3rd baby, but now he is 4 months and has good neck strength, I am returning to using the 360 carrier. 

It’s been over 5 years since I have used an Ergobaby 360 Carrier, so I had definitely forgotten what an amazing product it is, but as soon as I had put it on with baby snugly inside – it all came flooding back. The comfort and support for me was immediate – from the new lumbar support to the padded shoulder pads - as well as the obvious comfort for baby – he fell asleep in 23 seconds.

What I am learning in this strange new world of hybrid schooling and working from home is that hands-free parenting is more important than ever – so babywearing is must if you are trying to get older kids set up on Zoom classes or prepare any meals!

But even without pandemic related chaos, the benefits of babywearing are obvious in the happiness of my baby both in and out of the carrier. This is special bonding time with mum (or dad), and why wouldn’t you do it in the best possible carrier for you and bub?

My tips as a parent returning to my Ergobaby carrier…

  • The instructional videos on the dedicated youtube channel are excellent and should be re-watched. If your carrier is not comfortable, chances are you haven’t fitted it correctly.
  • Chances are that your core strength is not what is was after having multiple kids, and you may have lingering back ache (or is that just me). The engineering that has gone into the Ergobaby carriers means that you can carry baby without back strain – from the lumbar support to padded shoulder pads and more. Even with my 20lb chubster, I can wear him for hours without discomfort!
  • I said it before and I’ll say it again. Hands. Free. Parenting.

 And so for almost a decade, my love for Ergobaby has endured….

 Happy International Babywearing Week Everyone!

 I am Vicki -  Head of Marketing at the Bloom & Grow Group. I had my 3rd baby in May and am excited to be reconnecting with some of our products and trying new ones as we are navigating life as a family of 5 during these extraordinary times!