Keeping baby safe during Covid

Keeping baby safe during Covid

When you become a parent, or when baby starts to crawl you become much more aware of germs and all the lurking places germs and hidden dangers can be!

Now, thanks to the global pandemic we’re all living in, germs are even more at the forefront. Many of us are on high alert, with the second wave hitting Victoria,  constantly washing our hands and disinfecting everything that comes into our homes, fighting a war against something we cannot see.

While considered and measured exposure to germs can be good and even recommened for babies to help build their developing immune systems. You can’t keep every germ away from them, but there are several things you can do to protect them!

Wash your hands - If there’s one thing we’ve all been reminded of during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s how to properly wash your hands! Most germs are spread by touching an infected surface and then touching your face or eating. Washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds (the duration of Happy Birthday) is the best thing you can do to prevent spreading germs to your baby. You will also want to keep your baby’s hands clean and ask anyone who wants to hold your baby to first wash their hands.

Stay away from sick people - An obvious one but necessary to be reminded of. If you know someone is sick, AVOID - don’t go to their house and don’t invite them to yours. This isn't alwasy practical when grocery shopping etc so in these cases be cautious and stick to social distancing recommendations.

Avoid crowded places - It’s good for everyone including baby and kids to get outside but try to avoid confined, poorly ventilated places.

Wear your baby!


When you have to go out in public, keep your baby close and safe to you by wearing them in a baby carrier! This will help protect your baby as they can't get down and touch things they shouldn't plus we have found most people don’t try to touch or get too close when you’re babywearing WIN WIN! Ergobaby Baby Carriers are machine washable simply but them in a delicates bag and throw into the wash on a gentle cycle. You can even spot clean your carrier with baby wipes and we recommend using our teething pads and bibs to protect your carrier from teething babies plus you can have a few sets on the go. 

Breastfeed if you can

The benefits of breastfeeding are well documented but breast milk isn’t a magic potion that protects your baby from ever getting sick. It does have antibodies that can help boost your baby’s immune system and protect them from illness. Not all mums are able to nurse and thats OK! It does not mean your baby is more likely to get sick, we believe fed is best no matter what form it comes in. 

We are all in this together - stay safe!