Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day

Is it your first Mother's Day or perhaps you have a few under your belt? “So, what are you doing for Mother’s Day?” is the question that many mothers receive as the mother-centric holiday nears. For the most part, many mums want to rest and catch up on some much-needed self-care. However, self-care and how it presents itself looks different after baby, and for the most part, will continue to change for many years to come. Are you feeling the pressure to make the most of the Mother’s Day festivities? Here are a few ways that you can keep the party going long after the big day is over.

  1. While Mother’s Day is worthy of celebration, keep in mind that YOU are worth celebrating every day. I mean, look at you. Just look at you. You are doing it! Being a Mum during regular times is a feat in and of itself. Being a Mum during a global pandemic is a whole other story. Congrats!
  2. Take time out to intentionally “mother” yourself. When caring for your children, it is imperative to check in, asking your child self what they may need. Checking in is your North Star while mothering.
  3. For mamas who have experienced loss and are grieving this Mother’s Day, take time out to nurture and nourish. When the weight of the loss feels too heavy, lean into your community. Know that grief is like a wave. It comes, and it goes, AND there is no “right way” to grieve. Loss frequently produces feelings of unsafety. Ask yourself, what is it that you need to feel safe and held within the moment. 
  4. Mama, what makes you happy? What makes you feel good and refueled? Be curious around these things… and when you can… be gentle with yourself and begin to implement at least one of them. 

Lastly, a shower is not self-care. I repeat a shower is not self-care. Although a shower may feel like a four-night stay at the spa, a shower falls under the category of your basic needs. And for the record, your basic needs are not self-care! It is a right! 

From our Ergobaby Family to yours… Happy Mother’s Day. Take Good Care. 

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