FAQs : Easy Snug Infant Insert

FAQs : Easy Snug Infant Insert

We are often asked about our infant insert and whether or not parents need them for their baby. Here we attempt to answer some of those questions!

Will I need an infant insert?

Our Easy Snug infant inserts are designed so that you can carry your newborn baby both ergonomically and comfortably in a soothing, nest-like comfort close to you, for a cozy transition to the world from the womb.

If you are using an older carrier - Ergobaby Original or Ergobaby All Position 360 Carrier, you will need an infant insert when wearing your baby between 3.2-5.5kgs / 7-12lbs or approx. newborn to 4 months old.

All our newer and latest baby carriers Adapt, Omni, Aerloom, Alta, Embrace carriers can be used from newborn (min. 3.2kgs/7lbs) with NO need for an insert.

We give a maximum weight and age as a guide only, as all babies develop differently.

The infant insert is specifically designed to support babies who have not yet developed strong head and neck control and/or the ability to sit comfortably, with their hips in an optimal ‘M’-shape position in the carrier alone.

How do I use the infant insert?

Here’s a short demonstration of how to wear baby in our Original Carrier using the Infant Insert with a newborn.


To maximize air circulation for your baby in the infant insert & carrier, you should always make sure that the baby’s face and head remain uncovered and that the baby’s face is visible and with the top of her head close enough to kiss at all times. Also, for correct positioning, check to ensure that you can fit a finger between your baby’s chin and chest at all times.

For more demonstration videos, head to our YouTube channel.

Is my baby too big for the insert?

The Easy Snug infant insert should be used until your baby demonstrates strong head and neck control and can be seated comfortably in an ergonomic, M-shaped position within the Carrier.

The insert is comprised of 2 parts – the outer shell and the seat cushion.

If your baby is over 4 months old and/or 5.5kgs/12lbs, but still needs added head and neck support, you can remove the seat cushion from the insert and just use the shell.

If your baby is over 4 months old and/or 5.5kgs/12lbs and has strong head and neck control, but is not yet tall enough to bend at the knees when seated in the carrier alone, you can use the seat cushion to lift them higher in the carrier with hips in the ergonomic ‘M’-shape.

Which carry positions can the Easy Snug Infant Insert be used in?

The Easy Snug infant insert and pillow are only intended to be used in the front inward carry position.

It is also worth noting that if baby still requires either part of the infant insert to sit comfortably and snuggly in our All Position 360 carrier, she is not yet ready to try front outward facing. 

When can I stop using the infant insert?

When you are comfortable that baby has strong head and neck control and he is able to sit with bended knees in the carrier on it’s own, you no longer need to use the infant insert.

You can check baby is in an optimal carry position by making a few, simple checks.