Facing baby forwards in Ergobaby Aerloom

Facing baby forwards in Ergobaby Aerloom

When baby is 5 to 6 months of age with good head and neck control you can face baby outwards in the Aerloom by Ergobaby so they can take in the world around them. Watch the demo video below and ensure baby's face and chin is clear of the carriers top panel.

Babies are born with an immature nervous system and are easily overstimulated by too much noise, activity, and sensation in the world around them. Baby simply cannot process it all and needs some quiet time, a way to relax, and a moment (or more!) to calm down.

 Once your baby's chin clears the front panel of the carrier (reaches height of 63.5 cm), has strong head & neck control, and has a natural curiosity to see and interact with the world (so around 5-6 months old), they are ready for front-outward carry . We recommend starting with short durations (5-10 minutes) to prevent over-stimulation.

Here are some signs that baby is becoming over-stimulated and ready to switch back to baby facing in mode:

• Baby seems tired, cranky, or fussy

• Baby is rubbing its eyes

• Baby is spreading fingers and toes, making fists

• Baby is laying hands in front of face

• Baby is ‘spacing out,’ sometimes baby will turn away and simply space out

• Baby is turning away again and again, trying to ‘switch off’

• If this all becomes too much for baby, baby may become drowsy

• Baby becomes hyper-vigilant (overly attentive). Instead of relaxed, baby’s body may stiffen

If you notice these cues, we recommend switching baby to inward facing carry position