Expecting twins?

Expecting twins?

Are you expecting twins or interested in tandam carrying? Read on!

Can you use a baby carrier with twins?

Yes, you can use a baby carrier with twins. It’s even possible to carry both of your babies at the same time! So if people have already been telling you, “You’ve got your hands full!” they’re right. Twins will keep your hands (and your heart) full. But don’t worry, a baby carrier will give your hands some freedom.

Is it safe to babywear twins?

Yes, it’s completely safe to babywear twins, as long as you practice safe babywearing

If you’re new to babywearing, you probably don’t know the do’s and don’ts of babywearing. You may also wonder, “Am I doing this right?” Here are some best practices for safe babywearing:

  • Choose an ergonomic carrier that keeps your twin babies safely seated and that properly supports you.
  • Use carriers and carry positions that are appropriate for your twin’s ages, developmental stages and weight.
  • Follow the five rules of T.I.C.K.S. This acronym stands for: 
    • Tight
    • In view at all times
    • Close enough to kiss
    • Keep baby’s chin off chest
    • Supported back.
  • Remember to actively wear your babies. While a baby carrier allows you to be hands-free to do other things, you can’t rely on it to keep your babies properly positioned and breathing comfortably at all times. Always check on your babies and reposition them as needed.

How do you carry twin babies?

With twins, you’re highly likely to find yourself in situations where you need to carry both babies at the same time, especially during the newborn and infant stages. While a stroller is great to have, it’s not always practical or possible to use one, like when your inside your house.

You have two babies, and you also have two babywearing options with twins:

  1. Wear one baby in one baby carrier at a time.
  2. Wear both babies at the same time. 

You can use a stretchy baby wrap to carry one or both twin babies on your chest. You can also tandem carry your twins with two structured carriers by using a front carry and a back carry position. 

What is tandem babywearing?

Tandem babywearing is when one person, hands-free, wears two babies or toddlers at the same time. You can tandem carry twins as well as siblings who are close in age and who can still be worn in a carrier. 

In tandem babywearing, you use a single wrap or two carriers. If using two carriers, you can use two wraps, two structured carriers or a wrap and a structured carrier. You can wear both babies on your front, or you can wear one baby on your front and one on your back. If you back carry, it’s recommended to wait until your baby is able to sit up on their own and has good head and neck control, which is usually around 5-6 months old. What style of carrier you use and how you tandem carry will depend on your personal preference, comfort and the age of your twins.

What types of carriers can you use to carry twins?

You may be wondering if you need a special twin baby carrier to carry your babies. The answer is no. You can use stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings, soft-structured carriers or even a combination of these carrier types.

Age Pros Cons
Stretchy Wraps Newborn to toddler -Can use one wrap for one or two babies


-Can be left on so you don’t have to retie it multiple times throughout the day

-Front and back carry positions


-Compact, fits nicely in a nappy bag

-Learning curve if you’ve never used a wrap


-Can be harder to use with twins if you have a smaller frame

Woven Wraps Newborn to toddler -Designed not to stretch, so it’ll perfectly hold your babies even as they grow


-Can front carry or front and back carry both babies using one wrap

-Front, hip and back carry positions

-Compact, fits nicely in a nappy bag

-Can be hard to learn and get the right fit


-Not the most comfortable or supportive option if long-term wearing

Ring Slings Newborn to toddler -Lightweight, breathable material


-Compact, great for traveling

-Front, hip and back carry options

-Easy to get on and off once you get the hang of it

-The first baby can slide under your arm as you put the second baby in


-Can be restricting around the neck and bulky at the shoulders

-Can be harder to adjust when wearing two

-Not much back support for the wearer

Soft-Structured Carriers Newborn to toddler (dependent on the type of SSC) -Versatile and adjustable 


-Front and back carry positions

-Can work in combination with other types of carriers

-Quick to learn, fast to put on

-Can be difficult to put on and adjust with multiple buckles and straps



Various combinations of baby carriers and carry positions can be used together to tandem carry. It all comes down to which type of carrier and techniques you feel most comfortable using. How do you know which carrier is best for you? Know what qualities matter, compare carriers and then choose a carrier or two that best match your lifestyle, as well as that meets you and your baby’s needs. 

When can you start using a twin baby carrier?

Each baby carrier varies, but with most, you can start using a carrier for twins right after they’re born. Some carriers and carry positions are age and weight dependent. Some carriers work for premature babies, while others don’t. Before buying a twin baby carrier, double-check that the carrier works for the age, weight and developmental stage of your babies. Our Embrace Newborn carries are designed specifically for those first few months of life and give you the coziness and flexibility you need to carry your little ones in the home and out on adventures.

Why do you want to use a baby carrier with twins?

You have two hands for two babies. But what about the dishes, laundry, making bottles and feeding yourself? Using your two hands to hold your two babies doesn’t allow you to do any of those things. But, if you have one or both babies in a baby carrier, then you’ve got two free hands to do whatever it is that you need to do. 

Tandem babywearing is super useful as you care for two babies. It enables you to meet the needs of both of your babies, while still having your hands free to take care of yourself. There are also numerous other babywearing benefits, such as aiding in a baby’s development and promoting parental responsiveness and attachment.

What’s the most important thing to remember when carrying twin babies?

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It is important to remember to carry your twins safely and comfortably. Make sure your babies are properly positioned. You also want to be well-balanced when tandem babywearing, whether you carry both babies on your front or one on the front and one on your back. If one baby is lower than the other one, your body may try and compensate for it, which can pull on your back and cause pains and back problems.

Other Tips for Using a Twin Baby Carrier

Before you start using a twin baby carrier, follow these babywearing tips:

Practice, practice, practice. 

For new parents, learning to use a baby carrier can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Buy a carrier or two and practice using them before your twins are born. Get comfortable putting one on and off. Practice carrying a baby doll or stuffed animal. Practice in front of a mirror so you can see and feel how your carrier adjusts and how your babies should be positioned. Practice everyday tasks and movements while babywearing two dolls. If you’re going to tandem carry (with a front and back carry), practice the back carry first. It’s definitely not a beginner’s carry, but it’s a great one to master and use with twins!

Try out different types of carriers.

Whether you’re new to babywearing or a seasoned carrier, carrying two babies is new and different. Talk to other twin mums, reach out to our team or a babywearing group who can help you get more comfortable with babywearing. Brooke Maree Babywearing is an incredible resource for support and finding the right carrier for you.

Start with one.

Take your time and get comfortable babywearing one baby in one carrier. Then, start babywearing both babies at the same time.

Start slow and short.

Let your body get used to carrying two at a time. Start off tandem babywearing for shorter intervals of time, and then slowly work your way up to longer intervals of time and distances.

Know who goes where.

When carrying twin babies, put the heaviest baby in first. This is true for a front carry and back carry position. It makes sense ergonomically and helps with weight distribution. The second baby can also be harder to put in, so this way it lets you work with your smallest baby on the trickier part.

Separate the straps.

If you plan on tandem carrying using two different carriers, make sure you don’t thread the shoulder straps of one baby carrier through the shoulder straps of another. No type of baby carrier has been tested to hold the weight that way.

Time it right.

When you’re ready to use a new baby carrier or carry position, do it when you and your babies are all well-rested and happy. It won’t be a good, calming experience like it should be if someone is fussy, hungry or overtired.

Mums and dads have been babywearing for hundreds of years. It’s beneficial to babies and parents, and it can really come in handy with twins. It may take a little time and practice to get used to carrying twins, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see why parents have been using carriers for so long.