Babywearing Awareness Month

Babywearing Awareness Month

Why Babywear

Ergobaby’s mission can be summed up in four words: “Wear all the babies!” 

For over a decade, we have made it our mission to promote bonding by providing uniquely comfortable and ergonomic carriers throughout the world. We believe that babywearing takes our babies back to their safe place—reminding them that they are home, their little bodies pressed up against ours, the beat of our heart right alongside theirs. We are committed to helping parents wear their babies in a way that works best for their families. Babywearing is a wonderful choice not only for convenience, but to bond with baby and reap the benefits of babywearing for both baby and parent. 

We truly believe that happy babies are worn babies, and happy babies mean happy parents.

Why Ergobaby

When it comes to carrying your precious cargo, Ergobaby is unmatched. With the highest quality materials and made-to-last designs, each carrier provides comfort (and safe carrying) for both parent and child. Engineered, tested, and backed by science and consumer insights, Ergobaby is the trusted choice for millions of families. And Ergobaby goes above and beyond their commitment to families by supporting a healthy and diverse community and planet. Superior quality. Safe, happy babies. That’s the ErgoPromise.

Points of Difference

  • ​​Quality & Durability
  • Comfort for Baby and Parent
  • The trusted choice for millions of families
  • Supports a healthy, diverse community, and planet
  • Quality guaranteed for 10 years with ErgoPromise
  • Engineered, Tested, and Backed by Science and Consumer Insights
  • In recommendations and surveys, Ergobaby consistently ranks as the leading SSC brand in terms of awareness, satisfaction, ownership, and interest

Parent Squad

Millions of families all over the world are enjoying Ergobaby carriers and we love that we get to highlight some of those real parents through Parent Squad. We asked our Parent Squad members to share with us why they love babywearing. Here’s what a few of them said:

Cindy Rainne

“Babywearing has been a game changer for me! During the first month of Amir’s life, I felt totally incompetent at putting him to sleep. Then I discovered that if I put him in the carrier and bounced with him (while either sitting on an exercise ball or walking with a spring in my step) he would consistently fall asleep within 5-10 minutes. Because of this tool, I’ve been able to put him on a more predictable nap schedule and actually get things done throughout the day. I’m also able to get more self care activities in, whether or not he’s asleep. I’ve really enjoyed exercising or playing the piano while wearing him.

My favorite memory while babywearing was creating my viral “Are You That Somebody” cover video with Amir. He’d started off in his swing, but he was a bit fussy, so I decided to put him in the carrier so I could sing directly to him. Next thing I knew, he was cooing and spitting up on beat and we had a viral video on our hands! Not only did we have fun filming that moment, but it has opened up lots of great opportunities for us! ”

Stephen and Bret

“Getting to wear baby Maverick has helped free up so much of our ability to continue to get stuff done, not have to go to the chiropractor as much, and bond us even closer to our son. We got to wear him at Disneyland for our first trip to California and it made the day so fun and easy, even in the heat of Summer.”