Alta Hip Seat - for life's ups and downs!

Alta Hip Seat - for life's ups and downs!

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What is a hip seat carrier?

As the name suggests, a hip seat carrier is a type of carrier which allows you to hold your toddler comfortably on either side of your body in the hip carry position. Most baby wraps and soft-structured carriers feature three or more different carrying positions, one of those being the hip carry. Different parents have found this to be handy during the growing, heavier toddler days when your child is toddling about and still wants to be held and taken with you everywhere.

Most hip seat carriers have a removable panel that attaches to the hip seat’s waistband. Without the panel, you can position the hip seat on either side of your waist where it’s most comfortable for you. With the back panel, you can go hands-free with your child. Hip seat carriers are not a recommended newborn carrier, but they can be used for infants and toddlers from about 6 months to 3 years old, depending on the specific carrier and its weight limit.

Introducing Alta Hip Seat

For all the busy little ones who love to get up and back down, the Alta Hip Seat Baby Carrier gives you a hands-free carry and an assisted one-hand hold, all in one carrier. With a quick up and down option, you can keep up with your tot (4-48 months) without compromising your own comfort. Improved airflow, a quieter waistband, and an ergonomic seat delivers on the world class Ergobaby quality and comfort for both caregivers and children.


The Alta Hip Seat Baby Carrier solves the need for a hands-free carry and an assisted one-hand hold all in one Baby Carrier. Whether shopping or picking up baby for nap time, the Alta Hip Seat offers multiple ways to carry older babies and toddlers who want up, and then down, and up and down again. The carrier is available as a full soft-structured carrier and the top portion can be removed if you only want to use the hip seat portion. 


SoftFlex™ Mesh: Diamond shape mesh with an outer ridge that opens air pockets and inner micro mesh that allows easy airflow while providing a soft feel.

EASY TO PUT ON, QUIET TO TAKE OFF - Easy-to-use, buckle (no Velcro) waistband so parent can quickly pick up crying baby and quietly take off the carrier for sleeping baby

COMFORTABLE SEAT FOR BABY - Wide, cushioned seat to comfortably and ergonomically support baby’s hips

LONG-WEARING COMFORT FOR SHOULDERS & BACK - Comfortable, padded shoulder straps and wide, supportive waistband

REFLECTIVE ACCENTS FOR SAFETY - Sleek reflectivity on the front and back of the carrier provides extra safety & security

ORGANISED STORAGE - Incorporated side pocket to fit phone, keys, and cards

PRIVACY & PROTECTION - Tuck-away baby hood offers nursing privacy and protection from the sun


Available in THREE colours

Pearl Grey is a neutral that elevates your everyday

Midnight Blue captures the depth of the bright night sky

Pink Quartz adds a touch of softness to your day



The Alta Hip Seat is a carrier we love to recommend to families who are choosing the Ages and Stages journey for their babywearing adventures. What’s Ages and Stages?

The ages and stages of baby’s development can help parents understand when baby is ready for certain activities, including which positions work best in a baby carrier, as well as which baby carrier is best for baby’s age and stage of development. To follow the Ages & Stages path for babywearing, we recommend the Aura Baby Wrap or the Embrace Baby Carrier for the tender and cozy first three months, then the Omni Carriers once baby is ready to shift focus from parent to world and explore. And finally, the Alta Hip Seat.

How to Wear the Alta Hip Seat

How to face baby inwards in Alta Hip Seat

How to face baby outwards in Alta Hip Seat

How to Back Carry in the Alta Hip Seat


Hip Carry with Ergobaby Alta 

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