Aerloom Reviews are in!

Aerloom Reviews are in!

Our best selling and stunning Aerloom carrier reviews are in!

Read below what real parents are saying about Aerloom:

Lizzi Moran "Lifesaver This is an extremely comfortable carrier that has been a lifesaver with my little baby! Material is lightweight and not too sweaty, looks good and is sustainable."

Casey "Must have! I didn’t purchase a baby carrier prior to having my son. When he was unsettled at night whilst I needed to cook dinner I decided to invest in a carrier. I am so glad I purchased the Aerloom! Super comfortable to wear and my son cannot stay awake once put in it while I cook dinner or go for a walk. Highly recommend."

Nchls P. "Just got the new Aerloom for my wife and baby. She was initially worried about figuring out how to use it however it was super easy to put on and adjust perfectly. She loves how comfy baby is in there and snuggly close. Extremely high quality material and stretchy soft fabric feels so nice. Thanks Ergo for knocking this one out of the park!"

Anna "Holy **** this is amazing! I wish I could use some profanity to describe how much I love this carrier. I’ve used about 4 different ones (second time mum), and this is by far the best. We’re Ergobaby fans and I have to say I prefer this one to the Omni 360 for everyday use because the air flow is better with it being lighter. It’s so comfortable and supportive for me, yet not hot for me or my baby, which is my favourite thing about it what I feel really sets it apart. My baby is 9kgs at 9 months and even before, Ergobaby was the only carrier I’d use for extended periods of time. I have a carrier purchased from Target I use for things like vacuuming and other short activities, but it makes my back hurt after a while. The packaging was so minimal and simple and fun to open, and the colour is crazy fashionable but still practical. The price is high... but being about to wear my baby for hours without a sore back and feeling exhausted is worth it. I’m thankful and looking forward to using it even more outside my neighborhood when we can travel again."
Call "Great carrier! I love this carrier. The shoulder straps are less padded/bulky than my other carrier so at first I was worried about how comfortable it would be for long periods but I was pleasantly surprised. This thing is SO comfortable! The back support is great and I never felt like any of the straps dug into me - even with my heavy 10 month old. My son is so happy in it and happily hangs there with me while I’m trying to clean, do dishes, get his older sibling ready for bed, etc. It is well made and the knit fabric seems it will hold up well. I love that there’s a zippered pouch for keys when we take a walk however I wish it were in the front. I don’t like that being behind me where I can’t see it. The multicolor look is interesting - I probably wouldn’t initially have chosen it but it’s growing on me. Overall, this carrier is a win and gets lots of use at our house!
Kmbartlett90 "The best carrier on the market, IMHO! Wow, this carrier was a game changer for me and my 11 month old daughter! I have been using a older model baby carrier that has many of the same features as the Ergobaby Aerloom Baby Carrier but the simplicity and support of the Aerloom carrier is superior to any other carrier I have seen. I have been wearing my daughter since she was a newborn and she never acted uncomfortable when I started using the Aerloom carrier. The carrier is made out of a soft, strong, lightweight cotton knit material that washes well in a normal washer. It is not nearly as bulky as many of the multi-positioning carriers on the market but yet still provides all the functionality. I was able to wear it under my coat easily to keep my daughter extra warm when we went on snowy walks as well. I was also able to wear her in it while she was in her snowsuit! It is easy to use the carrier as parent facing, forward facing or on your back - no buttons to adjust to a different position. My favourite things about this carrier are that it is made with high quality materials, it has multiple positions you can carry your baby in, and it has a simple and classy design. I have gotten soo many compliments on it from other mums when I wear it to the park"
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