2024-2025 Baby Name List

2024-2025 Baby Name List

Selecting a name for your baby is an important and thrilling aspect of getting ready for their arrival. Every year brings new trends shaped by cultural shifts, celebrity influences, and societal changes. Whether you’re seeking a fashionable name or a distinctive one that stands out, this guide will assist you in exploring the baby name landscape for 2024-2025.

2024-2025 Baby Name List 

The Return of Vintage Baby Names 

Vintage names are making a strong comeback, offering a timeless appeal that many parents find charming. These names carry a sense of history and elegance, making them a popular choice for the upcoming year. 

Trending Vintage Baby Names:  


Meaning: of English origin and has multiple layers of meaning. Primarily refers to the hazel tree, which produces hazelnuts, and is associated with the hazel eye colour. Historically, hazel trees have been symbols of protection and authority in Celtic lore. The name Hazel gained popularity in the early 20th century and has seen a resurgence in recent years, often evoking a sense of nature, vintage charm, and simplicity


Meaning: is of Hebrew origin and holds significant historical and religious importance. It means "rest" or "comfort." In the Bible, Noah embodies strength, obedience, and righteousness. Noah has been a popular name across various cultures and remains a timeless choice for boys, symbolizing peace and resilience


Meaning: Florence evokes images of the beautiful Italian city and is both artistic and elegant. The name derives from the Latin word “florentia,” meaning “prosperous” or “flowering.” It signifies beauty, culture, and growth. 


Meaning: Theodore is a name that has vintage charm with a modern twist. Of Greek origin, it means “gift of God.” The name combines timeless appeal with a sense of divine blessing, making it a popular choice for boys. 

Nature-Inspired Baby Names 

Nature-inspired baby names are growing in popularity. These names reflect a love for the environment and a desire for a simpler, more natural life. 

Trending Nature-Inspired Baby Names: 


Meaning: A serene and flowing name perfect for boys or girls. Derived from the English word for a natural stream of water, River symbolizes calmness, continuity, and the beauty of nature. 


Meaning: Open and vast, a name that conveys freedom. Sky is an English name that reflects the limitless expanse above, symbolizing openness, aspiration, and boundless potential. 


Meaning: Symbolic of grace and flexibility. Willow is derived from the willow tree, known for its slender, graceful branches that bend without breaking. It represents resilience, elegance, and adaptability. 


Meaning: Strong and earthy, perfect for nature lovers. Forest is an English name denoting a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth. It embodies strength, mystery, and a deep connection to the natural world. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names  

Gender-neutral names continue to rise in popularity, reflecting a shift towards gender equality and inclusivity. 

Trending Gender-Neutral Baby Names: 


Meaning: Avery is a name of English origin meaning “ruler of the elves.” It combines a sense of magic and leadership, making it a strong and enchanting choice. 


Meaning: Jordan is strong and versatile, suitable for any child. It is derived from the Hebrew name “Yarden,” meaning “to flow down” or “descend,” often associated with the Jordan River. The name symbolizes strength and adaptability. 


Meaning: Taylor is a timeless name that works well for boys or girls. Originating from an English occupational surname meaning “tailor,” it represents craftsmanship, precision, and versatility. 


Meaning: Casey is of Irish origin, meaning “vigilant” or “watchful.” It is a name that conveys alertness and protection, making it a strong and thoughtful choice for any child. 


Meaning: Quinn is an Irish name meaning “wise” or “intelligent.” It suggests wisdom and insight, offering a sense of sophistication and modern appeal. 


Meaning: Morgan is of Welsh origin, meaning “sea-born” or “great circle.” The name evokes images of the ocean and a sense of vastness, representing strength and endless possibilities. 

Short and Sweet Baby Names 

Short names are easy to pronounce and remember, making them a favorite among parents who prefer simplicity. 

Trending Short Baby Names: 

– Kai: Hawaiian origin meaning “sea.” 

– Leo: Latin for “lion,” strong and fierce. 

– Mia: Simple yet beautiful, meaning “mine.” 

Mythological and Fantasy Inspired Baby Names 

Mythological and fantasy names bring a sense of magic and wonder, influenced by popular culture and literature. 

Trending Mythological Baby Names: 

– Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom and war. 

– Odin: Norse god associated with healing, death, and knowledge. 

– Arwen: A name from Tolkien’s Middle-earth, meaning “noble maiden.” 

Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names  

Celebrity culture often sets trends in baby names, with many parents looking to their favorite stars for inspiration. 

Trending Celebrity-Inspired Names: 


Meaning: Popularized by Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Luna is of Latin origin, meaning “moon.” It symbolizes beauty, mystery, and the serene glow of the night sky. 


Meaning: Chosen by Kourtney Kardashian for her son, Mason is of English origin, meaning “one who works with stone.” The name conveys strength, craftsmanship, and reliability. 


Meaning: Inspired by David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper is of English origin, meaning “harp player.” It represents creativity, musical talent, and a harmonious spirit. 

Unique and Rare Baby Names 

For parents who want their child to have a distinctive name, unique and rare options offer individuality and uniqueness. 

Unique Baby Names to Consider: 

– Zephyr: A Greek name meaning “west wind.” 

– Azura: A name that evokes the color blue and the sky. 

– Elysium: Derived from Greek mythology, meaning “a place or condition of ideal happiness.”  

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Name 

When choosing a name, consider its meaning, pronunciation, and future implications. It’s important to select a name that resonates with you personally and fits well with your family’s culture and traditions. Here are some tips to help you choose: 

Meaning: Look into the meaning of the names you like. Maybe you want their name to represent something meaningful to you or you want the name to be a declaration over their life for the future. 

Pronunciation: There is no right or wrong here. Some parents like to create unique spelling for classic names and some parents choose names that might be difficult to pronounce cultural, but are significant to their family. Think about whether explaining pronunciation matters to you! 

Longevity: Consider how the name will age with your child. Does it matter to you if the name stands the test of time? Or maybe you want something that will always help them stand out? 

Nicknames: Think about the possible nicknames for the given name you’d choose. This sounds strange, but we skipped over a few names because we didn’t like people calling our daughter by the nicknames associated with them! 

My mum advised me to go outside and yell out the name and see how you feel! Sounds silly but it certainly helped us narrow down our list!

Experiencing baby name regret is when parents feel uncertain or unhappy with the name they chose for their child after the decision has been made. Over time, parents might feel that their tastes or preferences have changed.

  1. Popularity: A name that was once unique might become too popular, causing parents to feel it no longer stands out.
  2. Personal Associations: New negative associations with the name, such as an infamous person with the same name or a bad experience.
  3. Family Opinions: Pressure or disapproval from family members or friends can influence feelings about the name.
  4. Meaning and Significance: Parents might discover new meanings or cultural implications of the name that they weren't aware of initially.

If you’re dealing with baby name regret, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Reflect on the Reasons: Understand why you feel regret and whether it’s likely to be temporary or long-term.
  2. Talk It Out: Discuss your feelings with a partner, family member, or friend to gain perspective.
  3. Nickname Option: Consider using a nickname or middle name that you feel more comfortable with.
  4. Changing the Name: If the regret is strong and persistent, you might consider legally changing your child's name, though this is a significant decision and should be approached thoughtfully.
  5. Give It Time: Sometimes, growing accustomed to the name and seeing it associated with your child’s personality can alleviate regret over time.

Remember, it's not uncommon to have second thoughts about such an important decision, and there are ways to address and manage these feelings.

Whether you prefer a baby name that is currently trending or something more unique, there are countless options to consider for your baby in 2024-2025. Remember to choose a name that feels right for you and your family, and enjoy the journey of welcoming your little one into the world.