Easy Snug Infant Insert - Grey Air Mesh

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Our cool air mesh infant insert loads and unloads baby with simplicity, and attaches easily to our carriers. Fan-shaped design ensures airflow while mesh fabric keeps baby extra cool.

  • Keeps baby in ergonomic "M" shape position
  • Easy to load & unload baby with simple snaps that attach to any Ergobaby carrier
  • Cool Air Mesh keeps baby cool
  • Compatible with the Ergobaby 360, Original, & Performance baby carriers

      3.2-5.5 kgs

      Machine Washable

      Removable Pillow

      Cozy & Ergonomic from the Start

      Premium Cotton 100%

      Ergonomic in All Positions (M-Position)

      Easy to Attach & Load




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      Are the Baby Carriers and Infant Inserts machine washable?

      Yes,all of our carriers and Infant Inserts (plus insert cushion) are machine washable.

      Can I use my Easy Snug Infant Insert without the cushion?

      Yes,if your baby is larger or taller and does not fit within the Easy Snug Infant Insert with the cushion but still requires head and neck support,you can just use the outer shell of the Infant Insert to ensure baby’s neck is properly supported. Baby should be properly seated in the carrier in an ergonomic M-shape position.

      Can I wash my Easy Snug Infant Insert?

      Yes,our Easy Snug Infant Insert and cushion are both machine washable.

      Do I need to use the side straps to attach the insert to the carrier?

      The newly added side straps on our Infant Insert are optional and are designed to securely attach to carrier to prevent the Infant Insert from falling out of the carrier as you remove your baby from the carrier or Infant Insert.

      How do I use the Infant Insert and how do I check for proper positioning?

      Whenever using the Infant Insert,please make sure to read the usage instructions carefully and refer to the YouTube videos for added help,especially for babies 0 to 4 months. To maximize air circulation for your baby in the Infant Insert & carrier,you should always make sure that the baby’s face and head remain uncovered and that the baby’s face is visible and with the top of their head close enough to kiss at all times. Also,for correct positioning,check to ensure that you can fit a finger between your baby’s chin and chest at all times.

      How will I know if my baby is ready to use the removable cushion alone in the carrier?

      The pillow is for babies who are either too short to bend at the knees when seated in the carrier or would like to be seated higher in the carrier. Baby should be over 5.5 kg,older than 4 months,and demonstrate strong head and neck control.

      I have the older version of the Infant Insert,can I still use it?

      Yes,you can still use the older version of the Infant Insert. We continuously improve our products. The new Easy Snug Infant Insert delivers the same great comfort and ergonomics as our old Infant Insert while enabling more airflow and easier loading of baby. Easy Snug Infant Insert is cooler for baby with a new streamlined,fan-shape design. The firmer cushioned sides and head and neck support provide all the extra head,neck and thigh support your baby needs in their early months with less material around baby for more airflow. It is also easier and more intuitive to use,with fewer steps to load baby in carrier and no extra-piece to load baby as it securely attaches to the carrier.

      I have the older version of the Infant Insert; where can I view the instructional videos for this version?

      I see there are 2 snaps on the top of the Easy Snug Insert Infant. Which ones should I use?

      Use the inner snaps for a snug fit when newborn baby needs more support. Use the outer snaps when baby starts to hold head for a few moments and turn it form side to side,to give them that little extra-room to move their head while properly supporting it. This usually happens when baby is around 6 weeks old and give their first “real” smiles.

      If my baby is over the maximum weight limit recommended for use but does not have consistent neck control,do I still need to use the Infant Insert?

      The references to ages and weights are only general guidelines and each baby’s development is different. The Easy Snug Infant Insert should be used until your baby demonstrates strong head and neck control and can be seated comfortably in an ergonomic,M-shaped position within the carrier.

      What is the age range of the 360 Cool Air Carrier? Does it need an Infant Insert for my newborn baby?

      The recommended age range of the Ergobaby 360 Cool Air is the same as our Four Position 360 baby carriers. It supports babies from 5.5 up to 20kg. with the carrier only,and babies from 3.2 to 5.5kg with the use of the Ergobaby Infant Insert (sold separately). Infants more than 5.5 kg. but younger than 4 months or without strong and consistent head and neck control must continue using the Infant Insert with the carrier.

      Which carry position can the cushion be used in?

      The Easy Snug Infant Insert cushion is only intended to be used in the front inward carry position.

      Which carry position can the Easy Snug Infant Insert be used in?

      The Easy Snug Infant Insert and cushion are only intended to be used in the front inward carry position.

      Which Easy Snug Infant Insert is compatible with which carrier?

      All Ergobaby Easy Snug Infant Inserts can be used with any Ergobaby Carrier with the exception of Adapt and Omni,which do not require an insert to carry an infant due to their adjustable seat.

      Which way should the triangle point on the cushion?

      The stitched triangle emblem on the cushion should always be pointing upward and facing you,with the baby seated on the wider seat of the cushion. When used with the shell of the Infant Insert,the direction of the triangle is easy to match with the stitched triangle on the shell.

      Why do I need the Easy Snug Infant Insert and how long do I need to use it?

      Our Easy Snug Infant Inserts are designed so that you can carry your newborn baby both ergonomically and comfortably in a soothing,nest-like comfort close to you,for a cozy transition to the world from the womb. The Ergobaby Easy Snug Infant Insert was designed for use with Ergobaby carriers (at the exception of Adapt and Omni carriers which do not require an Infant Insert due to their adjustable seat) for babies from newborn up to age ~4 months (from 3.2-5.5 kg),or for babies more than 5.5 kg but younger than 4 months or without strong and consistent head and neck control. It is designed to provide head and neck support and to ensure your newborn is seated both comfortably and ergonomically while in the Ergobaby Carrier. The fan-shaped design securely attaches to Ergobaby’s 3-Position Original,Performance,or 4-Position 360 carriers,for an intuitive loading of baby and more airflow,while providing all the extra thigh,spine,head and neck support your baby needs in his early months. The bottom cushion in the Easy Snug Infant Insert can be removed from the insert and placed inside the carrier,with your baby sitting on top of it. The use of the pillow alone is for babies with strong and consistent head and neck control who are either too short to bend at the knees when seated in the carrier or would like to be seated higher in the carrier. For older babies who still need head and neck support,but can already be seated in the carrier,you can use the shell of the Easy Snug Infant Insert without the cushion to provide proper support.

      Will my baby be warm in the Easy Snug Infant Insert?

      Our improved Easy Snug’s streamlined,fan-shaped design allows for more airflow.

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      Lauren E.
      Australia Australia

      The infant insert is amazing for small babies. Our daughter was 5 pound 7 when she was born and we wanted to be able to put her into the carrier when I went shopping alone. This was the best thing for us and works an absolute treat! We love it! We still use it for her because she is still little for it.

      Desma M.
      Australia Australia

      Works very well with my 4kg newborn son

      Emily P.
      Australia Australia
      Must have for small/unsettled babies

      My little girl was born at 37 weeks and suffered from reflux. Being able to carry her in my Ergobaby with the newborn insert was a game changer. Well worth investing if you have a small/unsettled bub.

      Yasmin S.
      Australia Australia
      Works a treat

      Was given an ergo carrier for our second baby and couldn't use it till I had the insert, then I was able to play with the 2 yr old and carry fussy newborn safely.

      DANIEL L.
      Australia Australia
      Game changer

      I actually bought it for a couple of friends, and they love it. Pretty simple to use, their baby is also obviously comfy in it. Win-win-win